A beginner’s guide to wearing navy

Navy is a surprisingly versatile colour: less harsh than black, navy is slimming and flattering. It complements the vast majority of skin tones and is wearable by almost anyone.

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Seasonal selections

Navy can instantly style up your outfit in any season. Grab a navy party dress for your Christmas party, try a striped navy and white tee for a comfy-casual look, or try a navy maxi dress for summer days.

Navy also works well for all occasions.
While it’s a great suit choice, a navy mother-of-the-bride dress and hat combination will never fail to impress, and you can always find a wonderful collection of chunky navy jumpers for chilling out!

Colour combinations

Although finding the right colour to pair with your navy ensemble might seem daunting, there’s plenty of colours with match beautifully. With so much diversity when it comes to navy colour palettes, we’ve narrowed down some of our favourites:

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1. Black

Some will recoil in horror at the idea of pairing dark colours with black, but black and navy can look incredibly chic and smart. To stop the colours bleeding, try a variety of textures or a pop of white or cream.

2. Lights

This combination is less controversial, with navy and white being an accepted combination for many years. Try a striped tee for a beachside sailor vibe, or a white belt and accessories with your navy maxi dress. For those who aren’t prepared to commit to white, cream works just as well for a softer look.

3. Neutrals

Try tan or taupe with your navy outfit for a stylish summer vibe, or pair a navy shirt or jumper with neutral bottoms to take you effortlessly from a formal event to a casual setting.

4. Brights

Orange can be a difficult colour to pull off, clashing with many skin tones and hard to pair with the right colours. For those who love a bit of orange, your dreams have been answered! Add a splash of vibrance to your navy ensemble for a stylish look without the hassle. Navy looks great with a whole range of bright colours, so you can play around.

5. Blue

Although navy and blue might traditionally be a colour combination used in men’s suits, pairing your navy with a splash of a lighter blue can really work.