Fashion Trends All Guys Need To Know

The leaves are falling, it’s getting cooler and the sun is still out. This means only one thing, autumn is here! In our opinion, it’s definitely the best season for fashion as you can still incorporate some of your summer favourites with some of your warmer garments for layering. Fashion has changed a lot over the past couple of years, with more people being in lockdown, there has been a movement away from skinny and tight-fitting clothes to something boxier, looser and more comfortable fits. This is a massive culture shock for many people as all they have known is skinny jeans. In this article, we will go through the top fashion trends to be following in the fall of 2022.

Oversized Sweaters and Hoodies

Sweaters and hoodies have been a staple in many man’s wardrobes for years, and they still are, but with one slight change, these sweaters and hoodies are oversized with a box cut to fit. This has brought out a lot of different opinions, but it brings a more defined silhouette which is great for those with a slimmer figure. Oversized men’s hoodies and sweaters are extremely versatile and you can pair them with a range of different items of clothing. They can be worn with trousers and a blazer with a pair of plain trainers, or they can be worn down with a pair of joggers.

Cargo Trousers

Cargo trousers were certainly a thing of the naughties and they have somehow come back. This time, they don’t have jogger-style bottoms, they are more straight leg, with a lot fewer pockets. Cargo trousers are now a huge trend and you will soon find it hard to resist their charm. They are versatile, yet comfy and dare we say stylish. The darker nights are coming in and the weather is not going to be this sunny for much longer, so having a pair of cargo that look good on the street or smart is a great investment.

Leather Jackets and Bomber Jackets

Leather jackets and bomber jackets have died off in recent years until 2022 when the trend has picked back up. These have also been a staple piece for many men and for good reason, they can both be dressed up and down and still look great. Pending on your personal style, you will either go down the leather route for your jacket or the polyester material for your bomber jacket. If you wanted to combine, having a leather bomber jacket is a great choice. They come in a range of colours and will keep you warm through the fall.


The lumberjack style is back for another year, and for good reason, the overshirt and boot combination is a true fall outfit. If you are a person who wears mostly monochrome colours, this is a great way of adding some colour and personality to your wardrobe. They come in hundreds of designs, colours and materials and will ensure you have some colour to your outfit. You could opt for a thinner material for layering your men’s designer overshirt, or you can opt for a thicker sheep skin layered overshirt that can be worn as your overlayer. They are versatile, colourful and add some personality to your outfit.