The reason why you have “nothing to wear”

Regardless of how much or little fashion experience we have or how many hours we’ve spent on planning our outfits ahead of time, we’ve all had a moment of standing in front of our closet and thinking that we have nothing to wear. Although trivial, this situation can have many reasons and it’s important to understand what exactly caused it and how you can solve this problem.

First of all, as paradoxical as it might sound the reason why you have “nothing to wear” is because you actually have too many clothes. This may be for many causes: maybe your closet is full of clothing that you were gifted but it wasn’t to your taste and now you simply don’t know what to do with it, maybe you have lots of pieces that you don’t wear anymore, but you have an emotional attachment to, or maybe you simply never took the time to clean up your wardrobe. This might also be caused by certain psychological aspects such as having a shopping addiction. We go shopping sometimes not because we truly need anything, but because our brain has been programmed to believe that the only way to receive serotonin is to spend money on tangible items like clothing, cosmetics, and accessories. You might not consider yourself a shopaholic, but if you’ve noticed that every time you feel any strong emotion such as anger, sadness, or happiness you feel tempted to spend money on material things either to celebrate something or, on the opposite, to cheer yourself up, you should definitely consider re-educating this behavior and maybe even asking for professional help.

Another thing that can cause the I-have-nothing-to-wear syndrome is not the number of the garments, but the quality of the fabrics of which your clothing is made. Surprisingly, the same basic pieces that many people use to create countless outfits and look great in, can actually look not that flattering on others simply because of the fabric that they’re made of. If you want to create a sustainable wardrobe that can serve you for many occasions and the clothing would be easy to mix and match, the fabric is the key element. Declutter your closet and pay close attention to the labels of your garments. Although it is preferable to have a majority of them of natural textiles like cotton, linen, silk, and wool, synthetic fabrics can also be great for things like sports clothing or outwear. Despite being pricier, clothes made of natural fabrics are more long-lasting and will extend the life period of your wardrobe. By creating a capsule wardrobe made of such garments, you won’t ever have the problem of having nothing to wear, as all these items will fit your body type, your style, and will easily match between themselves. Denim jeans, white t-shirts, trench coats, cable-knit wool sweaters such as the ladies wool Irish sweaters collection  are all those clothing items that you’ve heard of a million times but never actually taken seriously; they are exactly the ones that will help you create your perfect wardrobe.

The last reason that we’re going to discuss today is the lack of personal style that can create difficulties when putting together an outfit. This lack can be explained by a multitude of reasons. Maybe you’re still at the beginning of your fashion journey and are only experimenting with the actual fashion trends; maybe you let yourself be too influenced by the Instagram bloggers, especially the ones with a totally different height, weight, and overall appearance than your personal one; maybe you simply compare your wardrobe to the clothing of the people that are around you and try to copy their style. All these things lead to a lack of personal style that makes it harder for you to decide on what you want to wear and how you can create outfits that will fit you and still look stylish. All of this can be avoided by working on your style, your preferences,  and wearing not only trends but also classic clothing, as well as researching what your body type and skin undertone are in order to have a better understanding of what designs and colors would fit you.